Happy Feet Salon | Encino, CA

Everyone in the San Fernando Valley is talking about Happy Feet! We are a Chinese foot massage salon located on Ventura Boulevard, just east of White Oak in Encino and across from Israeli Super Sal market. Happy Feet has a spa-like set up, with a large water fountain in the middle of our salon, and twelve comfy reclining chairs that circle the fountain. Dimmed wall sconces and traditional Chinese music add to its ambience as a peaceful and serene sanctuary.

Luxurious, Healing Foot Massages

When you come to Happy Feet Salon, you will experience an affordable luxury, peaceful retreat, and a healing process of foot massage. We practice the art of acupressure and reflexology that is proven to improve circulation, insomnia, muscle pain, headache, and more.

People from all over Los Angeles come to Happy Feet. Diabetic patients come because foot massages help their circulation. Athletes visit us because our foot massages sooth their muscle pain. Musicians walk in for shoulder massages caused by their heavy instruments pulling on them. And elderly people want our massages to help them get better sleep at night.

“The Best Hour In The Valley!” A quote by our client.